MiniCellos – the cutest young cellists, demonstrated at cello lessons and in concert how beautiful this instrument is and their most important message: The cello can be studied from 1st grade in all music schools in Romania!

Within the MiniCellos project, the children had both individual and chamber music lessons, had the opportunity to attend cello lessons given by the teachers invited to the CelloVerse masterclass and participated for free in the concerts organized within the CellEAST Festival 2023.

“The youngsters proved that through friendship and the desire to perform on the cello they can achieve great things together. For them it was an experience that will surely remain a beautiful memory and at the same time spur them on to progress.” Says Ella Bokor – President of PlaCello Cultural Association.

MiniCellos cello lessons and chamber music rehearsals were led by professors: Ella Bokor – Founder of the MiniCellos project, Ani Marie Paladi – Teacher of the cello class at the Iosif Sava Secondary School of Arts in Bucharest and Teodora Atanasova – Teacher of the cello class at the Lyubomir Pipkov National School of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria.

MiniCellos 2023