Future CellEAST

Future CellEAST will take place between 3rd-11th May 2022 at the National University of Music Bucharest, having the following guest cello professors: Andrei Ioniță, Denis Severin, Valentin Răduțiu, Răzvan Suma, Mircea Marian, Ștefan Cazacu, Marin Cazacu, Dragan Djordjević and Atanas Krastev.

Participants will be chosen to attend the course following a selection, which consists of filling in the form and sending a video recording (minimum three-minute long) as a link on YouTube to the following address: contact@celleast.com until 15th April 2022.

After the results of the selection are communicated, the admitted cellists will receive by e-mail information about the Masterclass program and about the payment of the registration fee. FOR ADMITTED CELLISTS ONLY, the participation fee for the Masterclass is 100 Euros or the equivalent of the amount in Ron at the BNR exchange rate.

The final results will be announced by e-mail on 20th April 2022. The organizers reserve the right to assign the students admitted for Future CellEAST according to the teachers’ availability during the participation period.
The final concert of the Masterclass will take place on 10th May 2022, at 6PM, at the George Enescu Concert Hall of the National University of Music Bucharest.

Educational events are part of the Future CellEAST program and are CO-FINANCED by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

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