Răzvan Suma

Răzvan Suma

Soloist in Residence of the Romanian Radio Orchestras, Professor at the National University of Music Bucharest and Artistic Director of ICon Arts Transylvania Festival and CellEAST Festival, he develops a perpetual international solo career having performed over 1000 concerts and recitals, which were appreciated on all continents.

He is the winner of the Viotti International Music Competition, Markneukirchen International Competition and throughout his artistic career he has been invited as Professor at Masterclasses in: Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Vietnam, Serbia, Poland and Korea.

Since 2006, Răzvan Suma has been a promoter, organizer and performer in national and international series of classical music concerts such as (Do you like…?) Vă place Brahms?, Vă place SCHU/bert/mann?, Vă place Beethoven? and Vă plaCello?. He is also the Founder of the PlaCello Ensemble with whom he performed the UVERTURA National Tour in 2021.

Represented by his 12 CDs, Răzvan is considered one of the most prolific Romanian cellists of the moment.

Răzvan Suma will perform within the CellEAST Festival on May 8th, 12th and 15th 2024.

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